Tuesday, April 29, 2014

World of The Yakan's

The Yakan's makes a living by hunting and garthering their food supplies. The men of the culture
hunt for fish and other meats, they dont eat pork because of their religion. The women of the culture
makes turbans and they stay home mostly tending to the young.

Yakan is the dominant tribal culture on Basilan.
While known as fierce warriors, Yakan actions are dictated by a strong internal
code of honor that specifies the circumstances under which a life should be taken. For
example, a man should never be killed while bathing. Instead, he should be allowed to
dry off and put on his clothes in order to die a dignified death fitting of a human being as
opposed to an animal. By the same token, a man should never be killed while eating.


Although the Philippines is a free press democracy, a weak judicial system has allowed
corruption to flourish. Muslim politicians have not proven any less susceptible to using
public assets for private gain than their Christian counterparts. This is due to the
presumption than anyone elected to public office will provide jobs for family and friends
rather than hiring staff through a system of meritocratic recruitment. It has proved no less
true in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM), created in 1989 which
includes all of Basilan Island except the city of Isabela.

33 The creation of the ARMM was

long in gestation because of concerns over the plight of Christians who would fall under
its administrative authority. On Basilan, this was solved by exempting the city of Isabela,
which is the capital of Basilan province, from inclusion in the ARMM since its
population is mainly Christian.



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