Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Homeland of the Yakan's

The Yakan's homeland is located in Basilan Island, their home is a part of the Sulu Archipelago,

which extends from Mindanao. It's comprised of volcanic and coral islands. the Archipelago has

7,107 islands and Yakan is one of the many isolated tribes. They live in small homes made out of

wood thats in the mountains. Men of the Yakan Culture are farmers who hunt for food, while the

women of the Culture take care of the young and makes Turbans and Scarfs.  

The island’s undulating terrain becomes steeper as one moves inland

from the coast. Densely forested uplands provide ground cover for a

series of volcanic peaks exceeding heights of 2,000 ft (600 m).

5 Short

streams act as the source of drainage, and mangrove forests exist at lower elevations.

Rolling slopes and valleys contain rich soils which, along with steady rainfall, provide

favorable conditions for the cultivation of rice, coconut, and rubber.






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