Thursday, March 27, 2014

Index Introduction of the Yakan

My name is Kira Simmons, I am a senior at  (ESU) East

Stroudsburg University this Blog was created to provide

web viewers with a little history of the Yakan Culture.

This is where I will introduce the Yakan culture. 

Basilan Island is the home of the Yakan tribe, it is a part of

the Sulu Archipelago which extends from 

Mindanao and is comprised of volcanic and coral islands. 

Yakan's are a  group of people who originally branch off

from the southern Philippines.   

                                                   they are a very loving and family oriented culture. 

                                          Men work and hunt, while the women are at home tending to the children. 

                                                       Yakan's are very traditional people.


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Image came from: alexderavin.blogspot.com792

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